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Ballet/Tap Combo
A perfect start for the young beginner level student. These classes are offered to 4-6 year olds and it is a terrific way for young children to start with a basic foundation for dance.


Basic jazz techniques are taught in all of our jazz classes. All classes start with a warm-up which involves both flexibility and strengthening exercises. This is followed by across the floor combinations and finished up with either center floor combinations and/or jazz routines.

All tap classes begin with warm-up exercises to help build tap technique. We work on the 3 C’s: cleanliness, clarity and crisp rhythms of tap sounds. These tap basics are taught in all tap classes and at all levels.

Clogging a fast-paced dance style similar to tap, but has a different style and sounds. We are modern cloggers that dance to many styles of music with a lively beat, typically country, pop, and hip hop styles. We aim for clean lines, clean sounds, and sharp movements.
We offer a fun and kid-friendly hip-hop program. Our hip-hop classes have a funky street style feel. However, all the material and all music is age and level appropriate so all of our hip-hop dancers enjoy dancing in a fun environment.

 All ballet classes begin with barre work and then progress to center floor. Emphasis is placed on good ballet technique and body placement. Since ballet is the core of all dance styles, we provide dancers with all of the necessary tools to improve their dance skills for any style of dance they wish to pursue.

The best way to describe lyrical is to say that it is a cross between ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical classes reflect the mood and lyrics of the music using the control of ballet with the emotional execution of contemporary dance forms.

Our Irish dance program incorporates beginning through advanced levels of the traditional Irish dance style. This includes a “Riverdance” style of Irish dance which was made famous by Michael Flatley of “Lord of the Dance”.